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Nao Now


Personalized Learning Experience

Our advanced algorithms and dedicated mentors work seamlessly in the background


Expertise Meets Excellence

Our mentors are knowledgeable experts and distinguished educators, many hailing from Ivy League


Engagement Through Interactivity

Our platform uses interactive simulations, games, and real-world scenarios to keep you engaged


Real-time Progress Tracking

With our intuitive dashboard, you can monitor your learning milestones and course completions in real-time

Our Learning Approach

  • Develop and explain vocabulary word bank
  • Summarize the passage, highlighting key takeaways
  • Extract specific details to determine the main idea
  • Answer relevant questions for deeper understanding
Critical Thinking
  • Think about the lesson topic through prompts
  • Deduce and filter information to pinpoint the core concepts
  • Explore the topic further through interactive tasks
  • Apply information by reasoning and communicating with the mentor
  • Engage in meaningful conversations to refine speaking skills
  • Research related topics and articulate insights
  • Present ideas confidently and engage in debates
  • Connect topics to real-world scenarios and broader aspects of life
Our Learning Approach Nao now

Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors pool is carefully curated to meet your needs, featuring accomplished Ivy League mentors, enthusiastic native English speakers from American colleges, and dedicated full-time ESL teachers.


Our Courses

Our curriculum was created with the goal of getting students to forget they are learning English by studying topics
they are actually interested in. We offer six levels of speaking-focused English, a writing course, and
interactive personal projects.

The Moms' Choice


Jay's Mom


I like Nao Now as qualified mentors are delivering classes with so many different topics. My son was afraid of speaking in front of native speakers before, but after he met his mentor at Nao Now, he feels confident having conversations with any native speaker.

Justin & Riwoo's Mom

Justin & Riwoo's Mom


I chose Nao Now because I felt that the teachers were paying attention to the children with interest and loving them a lot. When it's time for Nao Now, my children go to class so happily.


Lee Sung Kyung


I initially liked how natural the interaction between the teacher and the child was, and how the teacher paid attention and listened. I think the best part is that the child can talk about what they want to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for classes?

Sign up for our classes by choosing a package that works for you and your schedule. Take our intake assessment to determine your current English level. Select a mentor and time for class and get started.

Are there different levels of difficulty?

Yes, we have six different levels of our English curriculum and three levels of our writing curriculum. We have lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced English language learners of all ages. 

What happens in class?

Classes are live on zoom with mentors. Our mentors will guide you through our fun and interactive class material. Learn English through engaging cultural topics!  

What learning materials do I get?

As a Nao Now student, you have access to class materials on our online learning platform that you may use at any time. You do not need to buy additional materials or textbooks. Outside of class, you may complete review questions on our app to test understanding and reinforce learning concepts. The app is designed to provide interactive and engaging practice questions involving speaking, listening, reading, and vocabulary skills that are aligned with the material covered in class, making it a convenient tool for continuous learning and progress tracking.

How do I schedule a lesson?

Login to your Nao Now dashboard. Select your availability. Next, select your mentor. You can book a lesson up to 24 hours prior to the start time of the lesson. Lessons are provided throughout the year on both weekdays and weekends and you can create your own schedule.

Nao Now’s Founders

Nao Now Co-Founders Rachel and Gale Mullen are a mother-daughter duo from Yale and Penn. Rachel graduated from Yale as President of her class and dropped out of medical school for Nao Now. Gale was an attorney for over 20 years and has six children. Rachel and Gale founded Nao Now with the goal of solving the number one language learning problem: that despite all the time, instruction, cost and effort, students still cannot speak the language.  We solved this problem through a carefully created curriculum that gets students to actually speak.

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