Adult English Course:
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Adult English Lessons

Welcome to Nao Now’s Adult English Course, where language meets life. Our comprehensive English fluency program is designed not just to teach you English, but to immerse you in contemporary issues and everyday scenarios that resonate with today's world.

From discussing the tranquility of Central Park to navigating the complexities of grocery shopping and understanding the impact of current events like Biden's presidency and the Opioid Epidemic, our course connects language learning with topics that matter.

Get Ready To Love A New Language.

Engaging Classes

Learn about topics like Starbucks, Emotional Intelligence, and the Civil Rights Movement. Master everyday communication with role-playing activities.

Quality Mentors
Quality Mentors

Learn English from the very best. Our mentors will guide you to your own path to success.


Improvement in pronunciation, speaking, listening, and reading guaranteed.

Who Is Our Adult English Course For?

Adult learners eager to:

Discuss a variety of current and relevant topics in English. Enhance their conversational skills in both personal and professional contexts. Expand their understanding of cultural, social, and global issues through the lens of language.

Course Features

Building Speaking Confidence
  • Techniques and exercises to build confidence and reduce fear in speaking English.
  • Frequent, practical speaking activities to boost confidence in various scenarios.
  • Continuous, constructive feedback to help improve speaking skills and confidence.
Practical Language Application
  • Practice dialogues for everyday situations and professional settings.
  • Role-play real-world scenarios for improved confidence and fluency.
  • Learn vocabulary related to current events, technology, and everyday life.
Cultural Immersion
  • Discuss various cultural topics, enhancing language skills.
  • Explore English media for idiomatic and cultural insights.
  • Interact with native speakers for broader cultural insights.
Unique Topics You Won’t Find Elsewhere
  • Learn expressions, slang words, idioms, and vocabulary by studying unique topics.
  • For example, learn cooking terms through discussing Anthony Bourdain or learn psychology phrases through studies like the famous Marshmallow Experiment.

In this course, you will:

Improve your pronunciation skills to sound like a native

Develop confidence speaking about a wide range of interesting topics

Learn more about American culture

Write cover letters, resumes, job applications, and more!

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